Yoga Teacher in Dubai led by Sumit Manav

Sumit Manav is a dynamic yoga teacher and founder of Life Style yoga. In addition to teaching, workshops and training to thousands of students worldwide, Sumit provides expert advice to the magazine of women’s health and is used as a developer of the national curriculum for yoga teacher Exhale Spa. Since the creation of style, David has received numerous awards in the press with mentions in the Wall Street Journal, Self magazine, Leisure and many other publications.

Our comprehensive, exciting and diverse training programs offer the flexibility to develop your unique style and passion. Whether you are a student wanting to deepen your practice, become a certified teacher and inspire others, or a yoga teacher wishing to refresh your teaching skills with world-renowned teachers jet-setting from Vancouver, Montreal, California, Argentina, Bali and further, the Yoga Teacher Training programs at Yoga in Dubai offers the tools you need to take the next steps on your own -authentic’ journey.

In the next four days integrative training Hatha Yoga Teacher in Dubai led by Sumit Manav (www., participants will have a comprehensive approach to explore classical Hatha Yoga for modern applications. Integration means “together in a unified and homogeneous. Dubai students will learn a series of Hatha Yoga build a strong base of classical yoga postures on a shared practices that are functional, accessible and relevant to a wide range of demographics to make it.

Who can benefit from this training: Yoga instructors looking to enhance their teaching practice and build confidence in their instruction skills

Body workers – physiotherapist, RMTs, sports injury therapists, and other therapists wishing to provide clients with extra tools and methods to expand wellness and therapeutic treatments

Yoga students who are looking to strengthen their knowledge of yoga and deepen their personal home practice.

This in-depth training includes special areas of education, such as remedial teaching, yoga for beginners, Ashtanga,Vinyasa and yoga therapy. This program also includes Ayurveda, the subtle body and the particular anatomy of yoga that leaves students with a solid understanding of these sister sciences free to teach yoga. Knowledge in these areas can be very useful, especially in large classes tend to all sorts of people, including people very tense, and new students. The purpose of the curriculum, reading, practice, assignments, course requirements, and the rigor of the process reflects a desire for excellence and discernment to instill in teachers who succeed.

Our team of experienced teachers will help you deepen your understanding and yoga can help improve powerful than ever and you will feel and see how life begins to change from within, most beautiful, peaceful and happy. We give you the retirement you push in this space transformation, while offering comfort and all modern amenities. You get training YTTC in our beautiful and unique locations in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and India .. Whether it’s a relaxing, an exciting adventure or a life-changing journey that yoga has the best of both, this is the place. When our courses you will be part of the team and the teachers who are pushed to the quality of life in today’s world being improved.


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