The Many Types Of Hot Yoga In Toronto

There are many different forms of yoga that utilize heat in order to increase the intensity of the workout. Many gyms in different parts of Toronto offer hot yoga. These gyms offer hot yoga classes to their members who wish to engage in this practice. These classes are open to both novice and students that are more advanced. The classes will most often be lead by a single teacher. Some of these classes will feature more than one teacher in order to ensure that each student is able to receive some individualized attention. Here are just a few of the hot yoga classes that are available in Toronto.

Forrest Yoga

This style of yoga takes a spiritual approach to the practice and includes some Native American philosophy. The yoga concentrates on four pillars that include breath, strength, integrity and spirit. This practice is a branch of hatha Yoga that was added to by a Medicine Woman named Ana T. Forrest. The yoga helps to relieve the stresses caused by many modern injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Power Yoga

This practice refers to any form of yoga that has been derived from Ashtanga Vinyasa exercises. Power yoga classes will often heat up the room in order to achieve maximum flexibility. The heated conditions will also test the endurance of practitioners. The term often refers to yoga exercise that is completed in a vigorous fashion.

Bikram Yoga

This practice has become one of the most popular hot yoga in Toronto classes available. This yoga uses the form from the hatha practice and then incorporates the added element of heat. Students with medical conditions may wish to consult with a physician before beginning this type of practice. While many claim that it has health benefits, there has been some injury and complaints from certain practitioners.

TriBalance Yoga

This practice is very similar to Bikram but is performed with milder heat. These classes also utilize dim lighting in order to help students concentrate better. This practice is not suggested for pregnant women.

A great compliment to taking a yoga class are spinning classes in Toronto. Spinning classes will allow you to ride a stationary bike and offer a complete and vigorous workout. The bikes are able to mimic actual outdoor cycling by being able to alter the resistance levels. You will feel like you are riding up hill during certain cycles and then feel like you are coasting down hill during other cycles.

Spinning classes in Toronto offer the perfect opportunity to ride a bike for exercise during the long winter when it can become difficult to ride outside. Toronto has many great bike paths and biking lanes that are easy to navigate and open to the public. The winter turns them into ice and slush and riding can become dangerous. By enrolling in spinning classes in Toronto, you will be able to cycle year round and not have to lose the benefits of cycling during the winter. These classes incorporate music and lights in order to offer practitioners a sensory experience.