Bikram Yoga Poses Stand The Heat To Gain The Advantages

There are a number of specific Bikram yoga poses that you will need to learn and that have to be performed in a room that has a temperature of ninety to one hundred degrees Fahrenheit and where humidity levels are also high. Bikram yoga is named after the founder Bikram Choudhury who after years of studying yoga, under the well-known yogi Bishnu Ghosh, developed this unique form of yoga that has today gained in popularity, especially in the Western world.
Union of Mind and Body and Spirit
By performing Bikram yoga poses it is hoped that you will be able to unite your body with the mind and spirit, affect greater flexibility of the body while also increasing its strength. Part of the increased popularity of Bikram yoga lies in the fact that it enables a person to strengthen the muscles as well as the lymphatic, nervous and endocrine systems.
There are a total of twenty-six different Bikram yoga poses that need to be learned and mastered that must be performed in a room with desired level of heat and humidity. It must also be remembered that each of the twenty-six Bikram yoga poses should be performed twice in each session.
These different twenty-six Bikram yoga poses include those for standing, and for backward and forward bends and a number of twists. The advantage of performing Bikram yoga poses in a heated room lies in the fact that it has been proven that a practitioner will get the maximum benefits at a certain level of heat when the body becomes more flexible and less prone to injuries.
No doubt, many of the different Bikram yoga poses are challenging and not everyone will be comfortable performing them. Though with greater amount of heat in the room, the body increases its flexibility and so it becomes easier to practice the Bikram yoga poses, and in addition allows for reaching greater depth of each physical pose in a shorter period of time.
Because of the heat, the body will also sweat more and so lead to expelling of harmful toxins from the body and of course, as mentioned before, reduces the chance of injuring one. In any case, each of the twenty-six Bikram yoga poses are especially designed to enable the practitioner to strengthen their bodies and stretch muscles and joints as well as ligaments, and so leads to improved physical well being.
If you have thought about attending a Bikram yoga class, you will do well to follow your inclinations, as you will be getting an excellent opportunity to perform different Bikram yoga styles that will suit your needs. Though of course, to identify the proper style, you will have to make an effort and do your own research beforehand.
Though Bikram yoga poses are challenging and involve greater physical activity, there are various poses that can suit people of different abilities and so whether you are a novice or experienced you can pick the type of pose that you feel the most comfortable with and provided you can stand the heat, there will be nothing stopping you from achieving a better state of health and fitness.